Friday, July 15, 2005


On the Lighter Side...

By now, I would hope you know to turn to PlaidBerry for all the latest celebrity gossip. Do you find that you just cannot get enough pop culture? Is your insatiable appetite for all the latest on the lifestyles of the rich and famous not quite fulfilled by the plethora of ‘entertainment’ news in the form of magazines, TV shows, and websites? I feel your pain.

Here is Bill Simmons’ nice summary of a recent Cruise interview:
Tom Cruise takes his unique brand of crazy Down Under. I suggest skipping to right around the 8:40 mark, when Cruise starts icily responding to normal questions about Nicole Kidman, culminating with him telling the interviewer to "put your manners back in." Tom Cruise, ladies and gentlemen -- parent to the world.

I’m certainly not the first one to make this observation, but James Lileks is a great writer… He’s funny, yet always seems to work in some very insightful observations. Here is what he had to say today:

I would like to have a cabin… I would love to smell the ancestral perfume of the lakes – dead fish and weeds – and listen to the sounds of the country. The gutteral sigh of a powerboat motor throttling down, the soft thunk of the boat hitting the dock, the gentle plosh of the tackle falling in the water, the sudden scream of the drunk neighbor getting his hand caught between dock and boat.

But the days of a little humble shack furnished with thift-store stuff chosen for its ability to withstand mold – well, they’re over. Now you buy a lot on Lake Lelac, tear down the cabin that’s already there, build a luxurious house with all the modern appointments, then drive home. You visit it once a week, like a beloved relative who’s doing time. During the week you stare at the ceiling, convinced someone is breaking in the cabin and stealing the fixtures.

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