Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Off the Deep(ak) End

Good news for all those who have suffered immensely this past week in the wake of the London bombings. Deepak Chopra is here to save the day. Like superman, he's arrived on the scene just in time to disburse a message of peace. (He really likes that word.) Here's Deepak's sage advice (and it really was written in response to the terrorist attack in London):

Millions of people are ready to join in harmonious interaction with Nature -- and with our own complex inner nature -- to create a world of peace, harmony, laughter and love. Let us strengthen our intention to create that critical mass of peace consciousness. Every tear can be a drop of nourishment for the new world that wants to be born and is making itself known little by little, every day. Each one of us can help create this critical mass by becoming the embodiment of peace conciousness through peace practices:

Being Peace
Thinking Peace
Feeling Peace
Speaking Peace
Acting Peace
Creating Peace
Sharing Peace
Celebrating Peace.

I honestly could not make up something this good. Someone out there must actually be listening to this guy though. I mean I think he actually sells a decent number of books. Maybe he's hypnotizing people by taking like this (you know, with the constant repetition and all). I'm sure I could find some hippies up the road in Boulder, CO, who see eye to eye with this new age guru, but how about bin Laden? Any Al-Qaeda members converted to Israeli lovers yet from these get-happy therapy sessions?

Actually, I'm thinking this guy is destined to explode soon. It's kinda like that Seinfeld episode with Kramer and George's dad doing the "Serenity Now" bit...

UPDATE: Well here's one guy who's learned quite a lot from Deepak apparently:

So far, I've learned so much from Deepak Chopra! Like, when faced with one act of terror, simply equate it to an act of non-terror!

...Seriously, I mean, how bad is terrorism, when you compare that to our country's indifference to the homeless? Or the way we avert our eyes from passive smoking? Or gas-guzzling SUVs? What about peanuts on airplanes?

Hey, if ol' Deepak could get the terrorists to embrace peace, he might be onto something. . .
I would love it if Deepak could get them to do that. But I won't be expecting to see pigs flying out my window anytime soon either.
There lies the problem all these peacniks have. They fail to place the responsibility on the truly evil people in this world that will never accept a peaceful lifestyle.
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