Friday, July 08, 2005


George Allen... Remember That Name

Did you just read a semi-rant against politics on this blog? Uh, well, my attention span is kinda short and has consequently drifted back into the political realm. Rest assured, however, that I'm still sick of it though and I meant every word I said.

But after reading an article by George Will, I'm reminded about the man I think could be the next President. (HT: Stones Cry Out) That would be Senator George Allen from Virgina. I initially made this prediction several months ago.

If he runs in 2008, he will win the Republican nomination. If he wins the Republican nomination, he has a very good chance of being elected President (I think, I hope, fingers crossed...) The thought of President Hillary is already sending chills up my spine. This guy is the best hope for the GOP. Just listen to him talk some time.

I agree with the Hiliary comment. I know she is an intelligent woman, but our nation is already so polarized that the last thing we need is another polarizing figure.

As for George Allen for president, that is very interesting because the dark horse, but gathering momentum on the Democratic side is Governor Warner, also of Virginia. Could make for an interesting '08 race...
Yeah, I could imagine (albeit a long shot) the possibility of a battle of the Virginians for the Presidency.

Hillary is extremely intelligent and politically saavy though, and I think she will be very difficult to beat... by anyone, unfortunately.

(like the new chalkboard icon by the way :))
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