Friday, July 08, 2005


The Charm of a Quirky Movie Maker

I've been pondering recently what it is that I like so much about filmmaker Wes Anderson. In particular, this curiousity has risen in regard to some folks who "don't get it" when they watch his movies. How to explain the phenomenon to these people? Hmmm... Well, fortunately Dignan has taken on this task and done a good job of articulating the genius behind such hipster/cult classics as Bottle Rocket, Rushmore, Royal Tennenbaums, and The Life Aquatic. Take a look at his explanation.

Thanks for the link Chad. I think you and I get along precisely because of my "Wes Anderson" litmus test for friends. :)
The litmus test is very true. It really needs to be implemented by psychologists as some sort of mutual understanding technique. I've even begun utilizing it in dating situations. If a girl is not into Wes Anderson humor, there is little chance it will work out. Peace.
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