Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Top Ten Excuses For John Kerry's Bad Grades

Had Senator Kerry not projected such a love for his own intellect, I could care less about this sort of trivial story.

But considering that a huge part of his campaign was designed to smear his opponent’s intelligence while propping up his own, I find it fairly amusing when coupled with the fact that Bush had a higher IQ score as well. The truth is such an inconvenient thing sometimes.

So, without further ado, here are the Top Ten Excuses for John Kerry’s Lousy Grades at Yale:

10) His professors lacked sufficient nuance in their grading.

9) He earned an ‘A’ in poli-sci before he got a ‘D’.

8) Hey, he did pretty well in French (no, seriously).

7) Four years of college and no “global test”… How did that happen?

6) It was the Swift Boat Vets! They fabricated the whole thing. Ask anyone who was on the boat, uh sorry, in the class with him…

5) The lies of the evil Sith Lord, Karl Rove, and his evil Republican minions know no bounds.

4) Okay, so maybe he’s not as smart as portrayed, but he’s electable. Er, I mean…

3) Clearly the grades were flip-flopped with someone else in his class.

2) French academies have higher standards.

1) Two words: Extracurricular activities. As they say in the ‘hood, he was a ‘playa’. (Please refer to the picture below.) Need I say more?

But isn’t writing lame jokes about John Kerry passé at this point? Well, sure, but is there really anything interesting going on in politics right now? I’m sorry but debating the fines points of filibustering judicial nominees is just not doing it for me. So, in the meantime, why not poke fun at haughty, French-looking former Presidential candidates?

He looks like something off of the Addams Family.

(btw...you've been tagged :-) )
Your humor is awesome! God gave us all kinds of people. Good thing they don't all run for president! Very creative. Fun post!
Top 2 Reasons Conservatives have Pounced on the Grades Issue Instead of the Fact that the New Records Prove that the GOP/Rove Swift Boat Crew were Liars:

1.) They are intellectually dishonest.

2.) They have no sense of decency and that's why they think this is funny--it wasn'r funny when they lied about John McCain or Max Cleland--and it sure ain't funny now.

Shame on you for failing the "perspective thing."

I can't speak for all conservatives, but I "pounced" on the grades issue because of John Kerry's own intellectual arrogance. Considering that Bush has been called an idiot more times than I can count, I think it's only fair to point out Kerry's own less than stellar academic record.
Mon reponse, ici.

This Just In: All of Those Ads Kerry Ran About His Freshman Grades Were False and Misleading!!


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