Thursday, June 02, 2005


On the Lighter Side...

Happy Friday Y'all (or 'yunz' as they say back in Pittsburgh). Here’s some stuff that requires very little thought:

Carnival of Comedy #6 is up over at IMAO.

Now for some sad news for a very dear "friend" of the United States: Chirac at 24% Popularity Rating. It's heartbreaking really, but I’m guessing these photos haven’t helped him:

VERY funny: Top 10 UN Slogans

And finally, Star Wars III “Review”.

AH yes, nothing better than a good laugh! Thank you very much. ARE you from Pittsburgh? (Dangerously close to revealing location!) ; )
Well, on the more serious side (since you don't show email; me neither), I feel bad, after reading my post cause it does distort your quote's meaning. So very sorry. So, I publicly apologize. I think you made yourself clear about your faith. So, hoping that's cleared up. Shall we laugh?
Yes, I am from Pittsburgh. And I'm a big Steelers fan as well (this should go w/o saying for anyone from the 'burgh).

No worries as to where you quoted me. I just wanted to clear up what I meant so as to avoid confusion. BTW, You've got me interested again in the whole literal vs. metaphorical discussion of some Old Testament passages. I may be posting on that theme soon...
My comment is probably not very close to On the Lighter Side... but I’d like to tell about rating other people’s pictures at This is a nice site for singles looking for super photo and stuff like that.

Your blog is very interesting, I’ll try to visit it from time to time. Keep up this good work, Blogger! :-)
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