Thursday, June 30, 2005


Group Blogs - The Essence of Cool

The Eternal Revolution is coming! It's a blog collaborative I'm starting up that will be affiliated with my church. It will be officially unveiled sometime this summer. Stay tuned. This is also part of the reason my blogging on this site has been fairly light as of late.

Speaking of collaborative blogging start-ups, Bonnie, a friend of PlaidBerry, and six other women have launched a new effort entitled, Intellectuelle. It seems Marla Swoffer has spearheaded this effort. I've only recently discovered Marla's own blog, but I'm already giving it high marks for her references to both C.S. Lewis AND Seinfeld. These ladies will undoubtedly have some interesting things to say.

Lastly, I should note that Dignan has brought in a few other characters from the Bottle Rocket cast to join in the blogging fun. Suffice to say I will be keeping a keen eye on Mr. Henry's trickery over there. Bird Dog to Scarecrow...

Oh, and on more a random note, I'd highly recommend checking out the new White Stripes disc. It's some good ole' fashioned rock and roll for summer. Peace.


Another group blog? all from one church?

try this one:
It will start with a group of folks from the same church. Although I'm considering the idea of others around the blogosphere being invited to join in so not sure about that yet.
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