Wednesday, June 01, 2005


A Grab Bag of Goodies

The Christian Carnival is up at A Physicist’s Perspective.

Blog Business World is hosting the new Carnival of the Vanities.

In a haphazard journey across the blogging frontier, I found the following nuggets of gold:

1) Coyote Blog asks a good question (one that I’ve been wondering myself): “Why Do So Many Libertarians Blog?” He offers a few interesting theories as to why that might be so. This one in particular seemed to makes sense:

For a good libertarian, chaos is beautiful, and certainly the blogosphere qualifies as chaotic. The Internet today is perhaps the single most libertarian institution on the planet. It is utterly without heirarchy, being essentially just one layer deep and a billion URL's wide. Even those who try to impose order, such as Google, do so with no mandate beyond their utility to individual users.

2) As an corollary to the liberitarian theme, Blind Mind’s Eye has some interesting thoughts on how Christianity and libertarianism could be compatible.

3) Sophistpundit warns us to Never Trust The Party! He states:

I don't understand people who align themselves so closely with either the Democrats or the Republicans. Believe what you want to believe about right and wrong and how the country should be run, but why tack yourself to a particular party?

It’s a good point, and I don’t understand it either. As the U.S. has become more and more partisan, many people have seemingly begun to align themselves more with a particular party. Such blind allegiance always leads to hypocrisy or intellectual dishonesty.

4) Rev-Ed at Attention Span attributes insufficient prayer life and spiritual knowledge to a fear of commitment. He compares it to some folks’ fears of marriage (and the consequential loss of freedom). I found this to be an interesting analogy that I’m guessing is appropriate for, ahem, uh, you know some (throat clearing) single guys in particular (gulp).

5) Bill at Wallo World has an interesting post about the power of words. In it, he points to a hypocrisy that has long since bothered me as well:

I’m often struck by an ironic dichotomy in the entertainment industry: on the one hand, the producers of some “serious” film or book or song will vocalize their hopes that their words might “change something,” but when something faces criticism for the possible harm it might produce it is defended as “just” words, or “just” a story. I don’t think you can have it both ways.

6) & 7) View From The Pew and Messy Christian both have good posts about Christian stereotypes and caricatures–both why these perceptions exist and how best to counteract them.

Sorry--this isn't a comment on your post of June 1, 2005, but the Christian Carnival says "Plaid Berry gives some further thoughts on whether Christians should be actively fighting a culture war by involving themselves in politics, avoiding such things entirely, or finding a third path, in Culture Wars: Rules of Engagement. This is an important issue to consider." The Plaid Berry link comes to your blog, but the post link goes to Off the Top, which doesn't have any such a post, so far as I know, and I don't see any such post on your blog.

Can you help? If so, please feel free to comment on anything on my blog. Thanks!

Thanks for letting me know. I told the host of the Carnival about it so that he can fix it.
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