Thursday, June 16, 2005


Entertainment Review - 1st Edition

Summer is a fantastic time for hiking, camping, swimming, concert-going, all sorts of things except, as it turns out, blogging for me thus far. I’m thinking that perhaps my efforts may begin to morph into more of an entertainment review of sorts at least during these warmer, sunnier months. So here is the first edition of the PlaidBerry Entertainment Review:

Alison Krauss concert mini-review. Ah, Blue Grass on the Red Rocks. Summer has officially arrived in Colorado. I hadn’t really planned on going to this one until a day before this show. Even as the music started, my thoughts drifted to the Wilco concert I will be seeing there on Friday night. But low expectations can make for a very pleasant surprise as it did last night.

Alison Krauss has a lovely voice and I knew that going in, but I did not anticipate an amazing encore comprised of three fantastic a cappella songs. Also, I had not expected the immensely talented band that tours with her, including the voice behind “The Man of Constant Sorrows” (hint: it’s not George Clooney). Banjo, steel guitar, and violin - under the moon and stars and big red rocks… To any friend who was not there, it begged the question: O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Buy this CD:

That would be Coldplay’s new one called “X&Y”. British rock is where it’s at.

Go see this movie - right away:

Cinderella Man.

Any movie with Russell Crowe in the lead role is basically a must-see at this point. And this one, in particular, has a really redeeming message to it. Good stuff.

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