Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Doubting China’s Inevitable World Takeover?

In the financial world, as far as big-picture thinking goes, China is on the top of nearly everyone's mind. I have to admit I’ve begun falling into the mindset that China’s takeover of the world (at least economically) in the 21st Century is a foregone conclusion. Now, it may very well occur, but there is an interesting case to be made that the Communists controlling that country will not allow it to happen.

Anyone who wants proof as to why Mark Steyn is one of the greatest writers alive should read his commentary on China. In it, he states:

If you're a resource-poor nation (as China is), long-term prosperity comes from liberating the creative energies of your people - and Beijing still has no interest in that. If a blogger attempts to use the words "freedom" or "democracy" or "Taiwan independence" on Microsoft's new Chinese internet portal, he gets the message: "This item contains forbidden speech. Please delete the forbidden speech."

How pathetic is that? Not just for the Microsoft-spined Corporation, which should be ashamed of itself, but for the Chinese government, which pretends to be a world power but is terrified of words. Does "Commie wimps" count as forbidden speech, too?

...Anti-Americans betting on Beijing will find the China shop is in the end mostly a lot of bull.

Case in point: RConversation reports the latest stifling of free (blogging) speech in China, with some help from U.S. technology.

Not related to this post (although I do have some comments I promise to come back to)...

Chad- Why don't you have your e-mail address (or at least a throw-away one) available for readers to send you private e-mails?

I had the most interesting potential job opportunity come up in Denver. Could you e-mail me because I would like to ask you some questions about living in Denver (i.e. cost of living, quality of cultural activities, outdoor activities, weather, etc)?

Also, why don't you have an RSS feed (through blogger or feedburner)? I hadn't been over in ages because you fell off my radar. If it ain't in my NetNewsWire, I don't read it anymore and it is my loss for this blog.
Expat, good points all. I have very little interest in technology, but that fact is getting in the way here for sure. I need to post my email address, I need trackbacks, and I need an RSS feed. I know these things and could certainly get it done, but I've been procrastinating. Pretty lame I know. Thanks for the reminder on RSS especially. That is the biggest omission here. I'll email you so you can ask about Denver. But I'll say this upfront: I've been here nearly 4 years and I think it's an absolutely fanstastic place to live. Peace.
Thanks. I look forward to an e-mail address, RSS and your e-mail. The thing in Denver isn't as promising as I first thought, but I'd love your thoughts anyway.

As for this post, I've got two things. The first is that Time Magazine is running a cover story called, "China's New Revolution - Remaking our world, one deal at a time"

I haven't gotten all the way through it, but it seems to be following the rest of the pack - that the 21st century is China's to lose.

However, your post could be backed up further with some help from book, "Rise of the Creative Class" that basically says all wealth comes from creativity and the more a government allows creativity the richer the society will get. I'm not sure I buy all of it (for example, agriculture is pretty basic, but is a big source of income in several nations), but it certainly makes sense a future direction for America to head.

We can't really compete with China for low-skill jobs anymore. We've got to be smarter, more creative and more ingenious than the rest of the world to stay on top of the heap.

However, I live in the UK and life is rather good here and they aren't the top of the heap anymore. It is much tougher to swallow the national pride than to adapt one's economic realities.
Sorry about that...when I previewed the post the link wasn't that long. I don't know what happened!
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