Thursday, May 19, 2005


On the Lighter Side...

Frank at IMAO offers some Useful Tips for a Cordial Political Discussion. Here's a sample:

DO make sure not to get caught up arguing minutia.
DON'T burn the other person's house down over a small disagreement on a fact. Yes, insurance will probably cover it, but he'll be less likely to listen to what else you say.

Bill Simmons speculates as to what happened to John Travolta’s career post-Pulp Fiction:
…I think Scientologists killed the real Travolta and replaced him with a cyborg. So when you see him in these older movies, it's enjoyable because you realize just how bizarre he is now. Like seeing Michael Jackson's "Off The Wall" video or something.

On the research front: New "Drunk Pill" On The Horizon.

This alcohol-related story is actually true: Drunk Man Steals Krispy Kreme Truck

I'm guessing he was a hippie.

And just in case you needed some more reasons as to why hippies rule, check out tons of (unintentionally) funny stuff over at Groovy Hippie Links.

This item may not be as humorous for those who don't work in the investment industry: GM, Ford Offer Alternative Names for 'Junk Bonds' Here's an excerpt:

In a teleconference with institutional investors, they made a vigorous pitch for buying what they called "quality-checked" or "certified pre-owned" bonds.

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