Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Hey, Wait a Minute…

This isn’t supposed to be happening. Apparently, a massive number of residents of the former Soviet Union have not heard what all the “tolerant” and “open-minded” people across the globe have long since understood. This cowboy President is not to be tolerated nor should anything he says even be considered, not to mention cheered. Here’s the scoop:

Arms are raised in the air, everyone cheers and chants, and Freedom Square turns into a sea of Georgian and American flags. At first glance you may think you’re witnessing the Republican National Convention all over again. But if you saw President Bush speak just now, you would know that he was winning the hearts and ears of a crowd of jubilant Georgians.

Someone please inform those 100,000+ ecstatic Georgians that America is the source of all evil and injustice around the world. And, of course, they need to understand that the U.S. leader is the very symbol of Everything That is Wrong With the World.

Stop the madness before the worldview of all self-appointed intelligentsia and sophisticates across the Western world comes crumbling down into their respective café lattes. So many scholarly people could not possibly be proven wrong by this cavalier renegade who cannot even enunciate his words properly and goes by the name of Dubya.

Unfortunately, the Enlightened Ones are no longer able to perform their role as gatekeepers as they did in the old media age. Much like the Communist propagandists of yore, they have lost power to determine what stories the common folk will hear and in what context they are to be presented.

Now, apparently, it’s now up to Yoko Ono to set the world straight. Imagine all the people living in oppression, er I mean, peace if only they would listen to this woman… Uh, but I digress. (Hat tip: littlegreenfootballs)

In the age of ever more freely flowing information, the Michael Moores of the world will have to work even harder to convince the peons to believe their cherished conspiracy theories. You see, unfortunately, this freedom thing really does appear to be on the march and some people are actually happy about it.

UPDATE: I feel it necessary to add a caveat and caution to my praises of freely flowing information. There are times when we would expect the media to use discretion in withholding the release of certain specific details that may put U.S. national security at risk. Unfortunately, as Winds of Change points out, this is not always the case as is witnessed by a story in the New York Times today.

the editors of the New York Times feel that breaking a titillating story about sensitive CIA operations is much more important than national security…

Hey, turns out Georgia (country, not state) is pretty cool. What do you know.
Well, not everybody loves him. Seems some would even like to kill President Bush.

'Grenade' Incident Mars Bush Trip - http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2005/05/10/politics/main694110.shtml

I'm glad the grenade was a dud.
I'm well aware that not everyone loves Bush. What seems less clear from what is often reported is that not everyone outside the U.S. hates him.

It was also interesting to see how most of the news outlets were anxious to point out the story of one guy with a grenade, but failed to mention that it happened during a rally with upwards of 1/4 million foreigners cheering on the President.

Just curious, do you think a rally of that size against the President would have been headline news? Hmmm...
ROFL. Don't worry. Although they might cheer the Prez now, as soon as they get to know him, they'll become like the Poles and everyone else his hopeless and destructive foreign policies have disillusioned....the comedy here is that the Prez had to go to an out-of-touch nation on the rim of nowhere to get 100,000 to cheer him. Had he gone to a place where people are in touch with events in the world, he'd have had 100,000 protesting him.

Just curious, do you think a rally of that size against the President would have been headline news? Hmmm...

Unlikely, for anti-Bush, pro-democracy and freedom rallies are so common that they are no longer news. Nobody likes our Prez and for good reason, too.
Infidel, the tone of your response only reinforces the point I was making here. You treat people condescendingly because they have a different opinion of President Bush than you do. Clearly they must be an "out of touch nation on the rim of nowhere." It's a rather arrogant attitude you are espousing. It doesn't sound very tolerant of opposing views.

"Anti-Bush, pro-democracy and freedom rallies are so common that they are no longer news."

I would challenge you to name ONE. You could conjecture that it's mere coincidence that large swaths of the Mid-East are rallying for freedom shortly after the President's inagural address and State of the Union speeches which hammered home the freedom theme (all on the heels of the Iraqi elections).

But I think you'd be very hard pressed to show that these freedom rallies are somehow anti-Bush. That seems to be an absurd connection to make. If the Mid-East is revitalized from a culture of oppression to a beacon of freedom and opportunity, Bush will be looked on very favorably in history (like it or not). That's a big 'if', but it is certainly possible.
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