Monday, May 30, 2005


Bumper Sticker Ideology III

In a previous post, I surmised that there exists an alternate reality called Bizarro World. Its inhabitants are a curious breed. Many (though not all) of which we would commonly refer to as "hippies".

Perhaps due to the influence of too many mind-altering drugs, they maintain a rather warped sense of reality yet often fancy themselves as being very "deep".

The results of their intense intellectualizing often results in sloganeering which transcends (many would say ignores) real world complications. Very often such folks can be distinguished by pieces of plastic that encapsulate their enlightened worldviews.

For some reason, conspiracy theories run rampant amongst the aforementioned crowd. The conspiracy is often the product of a brilliantly orchestrated campaign of evil doers ranging from President Bush (of course) to royal families in the Middle East to corporate fatcats in the oil industry to military commanders and so on. See Exhibit A below for a common theme that emerges:

I know it's sheer speculation, but perhaps it's something in the doughnuts?

So just how bad can it get? Well, here is prime example of the end product of such dementia:

Go ahead, snicker if you must, but remember these people do exist and should be approached with extreme caution.

But Chad, the French were right about Saddam and Iraq.
It's rather comical that France has purportedly taken the moral high road now that the details of the Oil-for-Food Scandal have begun to come out.

Quick recap: Businessmen and politicians in France and Russia illegally profiteer from oil proceeds intended to feed and medicate the Iraqi people. So the countries that benefited the most just happened to spearhead opposition to a war effort intended to remove Saddam Hussein from power (which would of course put an end to the oil money slush funds).
Yeah, but they were right. Saddam didn't have a WMD program.

Heck, Russia and France should know as you pointed out they were on the inside. But then again, America knew and we invaded anyway....
Oh my God.
Even hippies that comment on blogs are stupid!
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