Wednesday, April 20, 2005


On the Lighter Side...

I don’t really understand how people actually enjoy listening to country music, but Joe at Evangelical Outpost has an explanation that makes some sense:
Kids who grow up listening to rock or rap often believe that country musicians only sing about how the dog died, the truck broke down, and their woman ran off. That is, of course, a fairly accurate assessment of country music. But by the time you hit forty you’ll have had your share of dead dogs, dead batteries, and dead-end relationships. You’ll find that you can relate to this music better than you can songs about drinking champagne while driving in your Rolls and getting shot at by rival East Coast rappers.

Ace of Spades offers up Top Ten Changes the New Pope Will Enact to Make Christianity More Acceptable to Liberals

Oxblog offers this take on the New Pope:
Personally I was hoping for a cuddly Italian liberal. But a conservative German with the nickname 'the enforcer' was probably my second choice.

Scrappleface gives us a heads up on this late breaking development:
Vatican Spins Off U.S. Catholic Church (2004-04-20) -- In one of his first official moves, Pope Benedict XVI today announced that the Vatican would "spin off" the U.S. division of the Roman Catholic church, but retain a 49-percent stake in the new entity, called R.C. Lite.

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