Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Carnivals, Politics, and Quirky Movie Trivia

The 66th Christian Carnival is up at Pseudo-Polymath.

You can find the 135th Carnival of the Vanities over at Conservative Dialysis.

I just discovered this site, entitled Dignan’s 75 Year Plan. I feel compelled to give a shout out to anyone who names his blog after an obscure reference from an even more obscure (but very funny) movie. For those of you who don’t know, Dignan is the name of Owen Wilson’s character in Wes Anderson’s directorial debut movie, Bottle Rocket. It’s no Royal Tenenbaums or Rushmore, but it certainly has some hilarious moments.

Anyway, Dignan points out something in his post “Agreeing to Disagree” that reinforces a point I was trying to make here about the degeneration of political discourse in this country. This section in particular is interesting:

I was talking with two work colleagues and told them that our disagreement was about methods but not about goals. They vehemently disagreed and said that Republicans and anyone that supports them are evil. End of discussion.

I think that some people have tried to counter this phenomena by moderating their beliefs. While that is an admirable move, I think the issue is that we should be moderating our rhetoric.

Right. Along these same lines, Brad at 21st Century Reformation makes a good point as to why politics can be harmful to your spiritual health:

…Christians need to remain humble and civil in all political discourse. This is my reluctance. Politics is simply not very gracious and to me spirituality is so much about being humble and gracious.

Politics seems to manifest itself as the opposite of grace. As the lines between politics and religion blur, I get worried as to the nature of the messages that are being sent.

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