Wednesday, March 16, 2005


On the Lighter Side...

Ahh, just a few hours away from the makings of a truly remarkable day:

It's the convergence of the official start of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament (a.k.a. The Big Dance or March Madness) and St. Patty's Day. I think these two much-anticipated events occur simultaneously once every, like, 1000 years. I'll check on it, but I'm pretty sure the planets are aligned. Here's to Irish beer and college hoops!

St. Patrick's Day
In true holiday spirit, The Onion offers an Irish Heritage timeline. Among the highlights:
432 A.D. St. Patrick arrives in Ireland offering 25 cent chicken wings and 2-for-1 taps all night long
1487 A.D. In a decision still regretted today, Irish let a few British friends stay in Belfast
1951 A.D. Irish Spring, the two deodorant soap, becomes the first soap allowed on Irish soil

Million Dollar Baby vs. Rocky
Here's a little Q&A from SportsGuy at ESPN's Page 2:
Q: What's your take on the media comparing "Million Dollar Baby" to"Rocky"?
A: I think a better question would be, "Would you have liked 'Rocky' as much if Apollo sucker-punched him in their big fight, Stallone ended up a quadriplegic, and then Adrian pulled the plug on him and opened a coffee shop with Paulie?" (And the answer, obviously, is no. That reminds me ...)

Time to reload the iPod? Here are 5 great bands you may never have heard:
1) Hem - melodic, soothing female vocals along the lines of SarahMaclachlan
2) Snow Patrol - layered, Brit-rock (actually Irish) at its finest, similar to Coldplay
3) Drive-By Truckers - southern rock revitalized, a beefed-up version of Lynyrd Skynyrd for the 21st century
4) Interpol - think 80's british electro-pop on the darker side, a little Depeche Mode but even more Joy Division
5) Gomez - jam rock type, great live show, 3 different guys sing, I'm at a loss for any adequate comparisons - sound like Pearl Jam at times with Eddie Vedder-ish vocals, but really all over the map

Also, check out the new Christian Carnival (#61) posted over at ChristWeb.


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