Thursday, March 31, 2005


Mega-Church Musings

Wendy at Just a Little Bit Odd has an interesting post on the Mega-Church Theme. And I'm not just saying that because she quotes me throughout her post. It's interesting that this theme seems to come up so often now. I feel like I'm seeing it everywhere, but perhaps it's just because I'm paying more attention now. (You can read my thoughts on the subject here and here.)

At any rate, Wendy brought to my attention an article from the New York Times Magazine about a Mega Church called Radiant that was started in the town of Surprise, Arizona. Surprise was my reaction when I read a liberal publication that actually provided a fair treatment to an evangelical Christian subject matter.

Wendy does a good job of summarizing my views on the situation as well as adding some insightful comments of her own so I'll refrain from reiterating them all here and simply point you in that direction if you are interested in further exploring this topic.

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