Wednesday, March 02, 2005


I Got The Ill Communication

Has Scrappleface found a cure for liberal bias? Test it out – go belly up to the bar and watch some news. Money Quote: Our focus groups tell us that when you consume distilled spirits, that slant seems to straighten up and the spin reverses.

But... If this story is making sense to you, you may want to get back on the wagon.

Wow! How did I miss this award on Sunday night? Schwarzenegger Wins Oscar for 'Best Actor' for Role as 'The Governor' Here’s the scoop: The public is delighted by the way Schwarzenegger has blended his fictitious Hollywood super-hero persona, with the character he is portraying of an outraged citizen who decides to take on the evil power structure at the state capitol.

Well, he wasn’t nominated for an Academy Award, but it’s good to see Michael Moore is being given his props after all.

Stay tuned for a return to real news soon.

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