Friday, February 25, 2005


On the Lighter Side...

Bill Simmons, over at, is always worthwhile reading. Even if you’re not a big sports fan, you gotta like his wit. Here’s a nice take on the abundance of lackluster rap performances in general and, in particular, Nelly’s performance during NBA All-Star weekend in Denver:

If Nelly released a studio album called "Here are some new songs that I recorded with 10 people who aren't singers screaming in the background and overpowering my lyrics," would anyone buy it? Of course not. …why isn't this more of an outrage? …if you bought tickets to a U2 concert and Bono came out with nine buddies from Dublin who proceeded to ruin every song, wouldn't you ask for your money back? I don't get it.

Although I must take issue with him on this quote:

I think my favorite part about Denver was seeing some of the people who lived there -- you know, those laid-back guys you went to high school with, the ones who played hacky-sack, followed the Dead around, smoked tons of pot and took eight years to graduate from college. Now they're wandering around downtown wearing "Peace" T-shirts, sipping from a Jamba Juice and wondering how they can find the dude who stole their skis. I always liked these guys.

Whoa, hold on now! Number one, no one should ever associate Jamba Juice specifically with this crowd. And secondly, he’s clearly confusing Denverites with tree-huggers from Boulder who stumbled into town only to mistake the All-Star celebrity-fest with an acid flashback. As anyone here can attest to, Denver and Boulder are two very different worlds. (To be fair, he was very complimentary of the Mile High City otherwise.)

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