Thursday, February 24, 2005


Bad News For Bush Haters

Even the most strident opponent of the war in Iraq should be able to admit that some undeniably good results have come of it. So then the question becomes was it all worth it? And that's a tough one.

My gut says yes, but my honest answer is I don't know. Ask me again in one or two, or ten years. At such a point, historical hindsight will have been able to provide us with a pretty good idea as to how our Iraqi invasion has altered the Middle Eastern landscape.

All I know is right now there is plenty of reason for optimism, in my opinion. Caution: If you are a Bush-hater, please look no further as you may get ill or go into shock.

Exhibit A: Pro-Bush parade in Germany. Yikes!

Exhibit B: Bush-Reagan comparisons. Okay, I'm not buying this one. Look, back in the early to mid- 80's, Reagan was considered aloof and not very intelligent. He was portrayed as an arrogant cowboy with utter disregard for the sensitivities of the European intelligensia. He went around making big, brash statements with seemingly no appreciation for the nuances of foreign affairs. Surely, the Europeans have wised up since then and would not make the exact same mistake again, right?

Exhibit C: This guy certainly thinks things are looking up as well.

Michael Moore, where are you now? Okay, the first one to figure out the evil conspiracy theory tying together all of the aforementioned links wins.

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